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Disavowing bad backlinks from Sweden

Visit Disavowing bad backlinks from Sweden for the whole story

What’s worse?  The crappy website they have with no content and just super spammy links or the fact that you nor I ever asked for that bad backlink?  The fact that the charge to delete a link to you at $35 a link shows how they crash your backlink party.  But hey, Google knows this right, they wouldn’t hurt your site still…wrong!

Monetized Bad Backlink Site With Spam Links

I wish we could collect money like a nonprofit from SEOs everywhere and raise the $10,000,000 asking price of and just turn it off.  Why is it I hate so much?  Cause their links are bad.

Previous to this post I’ve always said don’t use the Disavow Tool unless facing a manual penalty.  Its the Google answer … but I tried something, disavowed a few hundred domains all connected to and over the next 3 weeks I saw a marked improvement in keywords and their position.

A client had the same issue.  300 domains from Sweden many with in their domain name mostly all with it at least in the page title included in their link profile.

After Disavowing and

A client’s site shows marked improvement shortly after disavowing domains. The file was uploaded in late November. Additional “theglobe” domains have been added and we’ve now had to disavow 30 more.  Close to 300 domains.
Ultimate SEO recently disavowed these links as well. Now I’m always doing stuff so its harder to tell the impact but it was soaring in rankings during November 2019.
Ultimate SEO Organic Traffic shows gains after disavowing theglobe domains. Was it the cause? Not sure but it doesn’t hurt and it appears to help.

Not A Link Building Scheme

These aren’t backlinks someone purchased, at least not from the target company or their SEO for that matter.  They are nuisance links, you could use this site for negative SEO.  It regularly pops up in the link portfolio of domains as they are expiring which has always annoyed me because it portrays a Domain Pop higher than it actually is … the globe of course doesn’t count. actually last I checked charged for backlink removal!  That’s one way to run a profitable site…make it so bad it hurts SEO so webmasters will pay you to leave them alone.  Of course … then the terrorist wins.

Noticed a few “” in your link portfolio?  If so its always an infestation and you should try disavowing.

Disavow Sample File / Template

So you may try the Google Disavow Tool if you haven’t yet.  Upload a txt file listing the domains you do not want counted.  We’re including a copy of one of our disavow lists, you can use it or add to it.

Who’s on our naughty list?  What should the txt file look like?  The long list is just below us.  Domains we’ve disavowed.

The Disavow File


<–start below this line–>

# exported from backlink tool
# domains

# urls


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